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The Tibesti Sky Company Team (TSC-T) had held a presentation detailed session with some representatives from the Ministry of Water Resources, this presentation went through providing an explanation of the company's offers for their services and products in the field of external protection of industrial equipment from corrosion for ways to paint a new feature physio elastic called (STOPAQ) the presentation meant to provide and introduce this new technology and cutting-edge which indeed ensures corrosion protection 100% for lifelong as a product goal of coating feature physio elastic of the finest products of newly discovered in the field of paint and corrosion protection also to prevent leaks , as it is harmful to the environment and easy to use and costs low in the long-term and it does not require regular maintenance . applying this product in wide areas and the various sites include areas buried underground and is buried and marine areas , whether submerged under water or is submerged , which is currently being used in various parts of the world, including the Middle East region and by major international companies , and is characterized by applications (STOPAQ) saving time and not to their need to work processing or cleaning , as it does not need an experienced labor. It is also featured property of self - treatment in case of any damage, and maintaining their physical and chemical properties for a long time characteristic viscosity , and can it can be applied to most materials such as iron , wood, plastic and concrete..


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