Our Products

1- Pipes & tubular materials,

TSC represents Salzgitter Mannesmann International located in Germany. Salzgitter's strengths are a profound knowledge of the markets, a global presence and personal service. Above all, it is the consistently high quality of the products in which we trade that provides the basis of our success.

2- Coating and insulation Materials

TSC represent the most vibrant and technologically advanced company located in Netherland - STOPAQ's stands for simple permanent solutions for many industries that include the following:

  • Developing and producing completely non-toxic anti-corrosion & sealing  products
  • Fast & easy to apply systems
  • Healthy & safe solutions
  • Non-polluting and no chemical waste
  • Protecting the environment, both sea and land
  • Providing a better working environment
  • Providing logistical advantages
  • Offering guaranteed solutions
  • Be the best at what we do
  • A reliable and trusted source

3- Power Generation

TSC represent one of the UK leading manufacturers of diesel Generators that includes the following:

  • All rating of diesel and all spare parts and associated assembly parts
  • Service and maintenance

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Services Overview

TSC is involved in the procurement and the company's engineering trade arm offers precision products such as Electrical Diesel Generators, Valves, Line Pipes, Industrial Coating Material, Compressors, Fire Protection System, Compressors, as well as future requirements of pressure Vessels, filtration systems and heat exchangers, Steel Structures' etc.

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