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Tibesti Sky Company has developed proprietary processes, technologies and capabilities in handling its business which can be summarized in the following areas of expertise:

 1- Project Management: TSC has a comprehensive set of project management procedure. These include details of roles and responsibilities, legal, HSE, QA/QC, risk, cost and scheduling requirements, etc.

 2- Procurement Management: TSC has a comprehensive set of procurement management procedures.

 3- Risk Management: TSC has developed a layered approach to risk management. This allows projects to identify risk areas and take the appropriate actions to mitigate those risks.

 4- QHSE: TSC has QHSE management systems to minimize the risk to all company, supplier and contractor personnel and the environment during all phases of a project.

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TSC is involved in the procurement and the company's engineering trade arm offers precision products such as Electrical Diesel Generators, Valves, Line Pipes, Industrial Coating Material, Compressors, Fire Protection System, Compressors, as well as future requirements of pressure Vessels, filtration systems and heat exchangers, Steel Structures' etc.

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